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The Daily Oklahoman

Oklahoman Editorial: Ban Cockfighting

OKLAHOMANS should rid our state of the barbaric "sport" of cockfighting and vote for its ban on Nov. 5. To do so, State Question 687 requires a "yes" vote, so it is important that voters take time to read the ballot language to avoid confusion. In this case "yes" means no to cockfighting.

Forty-seven states have outlawed cockfighting, and we hope Oklahoma becomes the 48th.

Opponents of the ban spent years in court and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to try to keep it off the state ballot, because
they knew that sensible Oklahomans wouldn't stand for cockfighting if given a chance.

Complaints that SQ 687 is overly broad and would eventually endanger hunting, fishing and rodeos are off base. Those activities are carried out in the open; cockfighting for years has been staged in closed venues, in the corners of rural Oklahoma, where birds fitted with knives or gaffs tear each other apart, to the delight of a wagering crowd.

Some "sport," huh?

Law enforcement officials across the state overwhelmingly support SQ 687. It's time to end this activity once and for all, by voting "yes."