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Letter from 3/30 Tulsa World

By Staff Reports

Unpatriotic legacy
I am one of those Tulsans who, according to Sen. Frank Shurden, doesn't know a chicken from an elephant. But when I voted for the cockfighting ban, I fully understood the harsh penalties contained in the law.

I assume that Shurden considers himself a good American, but he is doing the most unAmerican thing possible: He is telling voters that they and their opinion and their vote don't matter. The notion that one citizen equals one vote and that the majority wins are at the very heart of the American experience. What a shame that he is leaving such an unpatriotic legacy to this state.

I picture Frank and his playmates (Stratton Taylor, Ted Fisher, Kevin Easley, Charles Ford, Jerry Smith and Cal Hobson to name a few) pouting on the playground because they lost some game. They insist on "overs" until they win. In this situation, "overs" translates to insulting every person who went to the trouble to vote.

I hope Frank and his buddies have the decency to blush the next time they salute the flag. They may know how to work the system, but they are not patriotic or honorable men.