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Woodbury to reconsider laws that may be outdated

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WOODBURY, N.J. -- The city solicitor has asked local officials to reconsider laws that may be outdated, including bans on loitering, cockfighting and cross-dressing.

Solicitor Bruce Hasbrouck has compiled a list of 18 ordinances he wants the City Council to repeal because they are outdated or unconstitutional. "It's got to be done sometime," Hasbrouck told The Philadelphia Inquirer, calling the laws either "patently obvious" or "flat-out unreasonable." The council action was to be taken up Thursday.

Hasbrouck's efforts were prompted by a challenge to the city's anti-loitering law. Richard Kreimer, a drifter, argued that the ordinance was unconstitutional during a Feb. 14 council meeting.

Kreimer pointed out that he received $230,000 in 1992 by settling a lawsuit contending that Morristown officials violated his civil rights.

Hasbrouck also wants to eliminate a ban on cockfighting, which he says is covered by state laws.

And he targeted a law forbidding appearing in public "in a state of nudity or in a dress not belonging to his sex (unless such dress be worn during an established period of masquerade, in which event such dress of costume must be reasonable modest)."

Said Woodbury Council President Rob Curtis: "When somebody comes to us and presents a problem, we just do what we can."