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Channel Oklahoma

Lawmaker Wants Cockfighting Legalized By County
20 Counties Voted Against Question


OKLAHOMA CITY -- A state lawmaker wants to make cockfighting legal in counties that voted against a state question banning the blood sport.

Sen. Frank Shurden said legislation he plans to file would keep cockfighting legal in 57 counties that voted against the ban.

Cockfighting was banned statewide under State Question 687. The proposition was approved in last month's general election by a margin of 124,000 votes.

Under Shurden's plan, cockfighting would be illegal in 20 counties that voted for the state question. But Shurden wants a county-option mechanism that would allow for another vote on a ban in those counties.

Cynthia Armstrong, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Coalition Against Cockfighting, said the plan is a step toward anarchy.

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