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Law on hold in 15 counties after ruling

State to appeal judge’s ruling on cockfight ban

Editorial: Will of the public not enough in OK

Cockfighting: AG to ask that suits be linked

It’s time to enforce the ban

New federal law to clip 'cockers' Enthusiasts see sport's demise

Challenge puzzles voter

Kiowa members claim cockfighting legal on tribal land

Cockfighting ban in question

Temporary ban widened on cockfight law

Cockfighting law halted in two more counties

Cockfighting Critics Aim for N.M. Ban

It's not a 'sport' Cruel pastime should be banned in U.S.

Judge's ruling misses the point

Injunction stops cockfighting ban in three counties

Cockfighting ban stops

Suits mounting against cockfighting law

Cockfighting ban delayed in 6 counties

Cockfighters deny democratic process

Law means dilemma for cockfighting family

Ag Chief says cockfighting ban may be to broad

Cockfighting causes columnist to question home state

Campaign Connection

Cockfighting ban takes effect today, Law's effect still unclear

Cockfighters still pecking at new law

Don't weaken anti-cockfighting law in legislature

Oklahoman Editorial: Ignore Him

Fighting ban halts seasonal events

Colorful judge molded cockfighting's history

Roosters didn't rule election roost in Oklahoma

Cockfighting: Judge moves to halt new state law

Where now to roost

Breeders pledge to keep fowl despite vote

Game bird owners face uncertain future

Cockfighting supporters, foes still at odds

Sheriffs Wonder About Enforcing New Cockfighting Ban

Henry defied odds in race against Largent

Rural results

Win some

State senator seeks to change cockfighting law

Democrats Get a Grip on State's Reins

Questions 7 of 9 deserve support

No on SQ 698

Cockfighting Ban Raises Hackles Of Supporters, Foes in Oklahoma