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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers made the difference in getting state question 687 successfully qualified for the statewide ballot. Over 480 individuals from 113 towns and cities in Oklahoma assisted in the signature gathering process. Thousands more campaigned tirelessly to inform citizens of the realities of cockfighting and urge Oklahomans to vote yes on SQ687, a statewide ban on cockfighting and defeat SQ 698, an attempt by the cockfighters to double the number of signatures required to qualify any future ballot measure dealing with issues of animal welfare.

We need your help again as our new state law comes under legal and legislative challenges by the cockfighters.

What You Can Do Now!

1) Please call and write your state senator and representative immediately and ask them to oppose any effort to overturn or undermine SQ687 which outlaws cockfighting in Oklahoma! Please ask your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. If you can schedule a personal meeting with your legislators, please do so. Click here for contact information for the state legislature.

2) Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper expressing your views. Make it clear that Oklahomans voted for a statewide ban on cockfighting and recognize strong penalties are the key to deterring this cruel activity.

3) Send us your email address or telephone number so that we may keep in close contact with you during the upcoming legislative session. You can contact us at ocac@bancockfighting.org or (405)478-5128.

4) If you are able, please consider donating $20, $25, $50, 100 or more to the Oklahoma Coalition Against Cockfighting, P.O. Box 780378, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73178.

Working together we will succeed!
Click here to help stop cockfighting in Oklahoma!