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Top Ten Reasons To Support The Initiative To Ban Cockfighting

10. Birds are armed with razor-sharp blades.

9. It is American Veterinary Medical Association position that cockfighting is cruel.

8. When the birds stop fighting, they’re held in each other’s face until angry again.

7. Stabbings, shootings, rapes, and drug dealing have all happened at cockfights.

6. 47 states have banned cockfighting (30 did so in the 1800s).

5. Children are routinely taken to cockfights in Oklahoma.

4. Illegal gambling is commonplace at cockfights.

3. Law Enforcement has found cockfights a good place to look for wanted criminals.

2. Oklahoma’s image shouldn’t be as a haven for animal abusers.

1. Arming drugged animals so they’ll kill each other is wrong – dead wrong!