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Contact Your Legislators!

It is critical that Oklahomans contact their state senators and state representatives and urge them to uphold SQ 687 as approved by voters and oppose legislation offered by Senator Frank Shurden and his allies. Please see our fact sheet on this issue and obtain contact information for your state legislators by calling your county election board or by visiting www.vote-smart.org or www.state.ok..us.

Meeting personally with your legislators is the best way to get their attention on an issue. The meeting does not have to be long and you do not have to be an expert on this issue in order to talk with them about it and express your views. You can contact your legislators directly by calling 1-800-522-8502 (House Chamber) and (405)524-0126 (Senate Chamber). Whether you are able to schedule a meeting or not, you should write to your legislators immediately via letter (this is preferable to email). The address is: Representative X or Senator X, State Capitol Building, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105. Always include your name and address on all communication with your legislators (so they will know you are a constituent).